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10:10 AM — 11:30 AM

Join us on Sunday mornings at 10:10am! If you would like to join virtually, please contact us below and select “Sunday Zoom link” under interests. 

The God of the universe has countless angels before His throne constantly worshipping Him. If He didn’t long for something more, His creation would have stopped there. Instead, we see God’s desire clearly laid out in Matthew 16:18: “I will build My church.” And that’s not merely to serve Him outwardly. Instead, His work throughout the ages has also been to produce a loving bride, a counterpart that matches Him in life and expression. Unfortunately, it is far too easy in a Sunday service for our worship to honor God with our lips while our hearts stay far away from Him (Matt. 15:8). Surely this isn’t the true worship the Father is seeking. Instead of watching a performance, 1 Corinthians 14:26 states that whenever the church comes together, each member should participate resulting in the building up of the whole congregation.


So here’s what our Sundays look like: We start off by singing contemporary Christian songs and classic hymns in worship to God. In between songs, you’ll notice deliberate pauses in order to allow members in the congregation the freedom to offer up prayer and thanksgiving to God—both quietly and out loud. A minister then expounds a passage from the Bible for about 30 minutes. In between, we often allow time for short testimonies from the congregation of how the Lord is speaking and working in their lives. Following the service, we encourage everyone to stick around and get to know each other. Our hope is that after it’s all over, we would know God a little bit more, be empowered to seek after Him throughout the week, and be refreshed in our love for each other.


Children's service is provided in a separate room with a rotation of parents and volunteers. Here the children will usually engage in singing, arts & crafts, and an age-appropriate lesson from the Bible.

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