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Our calling from God is simple: to love the Lord our God and to love others.


Holding on to the Christian faith according to the Bible, we strive to center all our pursuits around Jesus Christ, who is our Savior and Redeemer from all the problems of a fallen, hurting world. Our goal is to know Him both through the Bible and through a lifetime of growing in faith.


Furthermore, the church is the living expression of who Christ is. We strive to make the church the most ideal community for experiencing and displaying Christ in our city. In it we aim to love one another as God loves us.


As we enjoy who Christ is and experience Him in the church, we also strive to extend our love to the world around us, offering care for those who need it and sharing our Christ with those who are willing to receive Him and know Him as we do.


In short, we make it our mission to personally know Christ, embody His love in the church, and to let the world know about Him.

pursue christ . love one another . serve our world .


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